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8th July – What a day!

8th July will never be the same year on year….

Was out celebrating a friend’s wife’s b’day @ the martini bar while living out of a suitcase when it dawned on me… this is the 3rd person I know who celebrates their b’day on this day!

Waitress was a 10, btw! And my friend was not happy when I snubbed her… yeah, the same one whose wife’s b’day we were celebrating! lolz! Such is the understanding between them that when the waitress didn’t hover around our table (I was blamed for it, btw) the wife asked her hubby “how come she disappeared?” wonderful couple indeed with deep sense of understanding!

Come to blog world and find out there is a marriage that happened on the same date! And its my cuz’s wedding anniversary! And a blog pal’s son has passed away on the same date!

Wow! Such an intense and filled up day is 8th July! makes you feel that you are standing still on the side walk and life is zipping past you… (Maybe it was not just a coincidence that our table was on the patio with cars and ppl zipping past)… Kinda tell you – better go out there and do your thing before its too late, else you’ll always be playing “catch up”

Although, I still maintain I was right in snubbing the waitress when she tried to take the camera from me for a pic! So what if she is a 10, she still has to ask if I need a group pic taken and not TELL that she can take the pic!

My friend’s daughter thought she was a little ditsy. The daughter may be young, but she ain’t naive… I agree with her 🙂

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  1. eye-in-sty-in
    July 13, 2009 at 02:12

    It is Vimmu, agree with that 🙂

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