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The Journeys

1) Trip to the airport
Me (on phone): Hey, can you gimme a ride to the airport
Friend: Sure, at what time?
Me: ASAP. Flight leaves in 2 hours and 25 mins.
Friend: Thinking. Ok.
Me: Thanks (gives quick directions and hangs up)
Friend reaches after 20 mins…. Throws bags in the SUV…. off we go
Friend: You are cutting it fine… Are you sure u’ll manage to catch the plane?
Me: I’ll wing it, like I always do… Didn’t I manage all the other stuff? In any case, the best laid plans get washed away, so its better to have a rough sketch and then add finesse to it as you go along. This allows us to take care of the last minute anamolies that might come into play…
Friend: True
Me: You can merge into the traffic now…
Friend: Your inability to plan will not have me driving your way. In any case you should have planned for THIS anamoly…
Me: Mumble mumble…. (translated… the other route was much shorter n direct)

Phone call…
Her: Are you in the airport longue?
Me: I’m on my way there…
Her: Are you walking?
Me: No I’m being driven
Her: Are you on a handicap cart? Why?
Me: I’m on my way to the airport
Her (launching into a lecture): YOu shd be there 3 hours in advance… you shd have done this… you should have done that…. blah blah
Me: Just like honking is not gonna make the traffic move faster, your verbal volley is not helping now. (gestures friend how to navigate around the traffic)
She: well, have a safe flight.
Me: Thanks! (guess she never heard of the “just in time” concept)

(20 minutes later and taking a route that took us twice the time and distance, we made it to the airport! In his defence, I did see a lot of different construction zones too!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr!!)
All was good as we still had time to eat a meal in a sit-down restaurant after the bags were all checked in!

2) Boarding passes for flight legs 2 and 3
Me: Hello
Ticketing lady: Hi, how are you…. (and other plesantaries)
Me: I see you are having a busy day
Her: Yes. Its okay though…
Me: You have a nice name Florence (thanks that lying is not necessary. Her name was lovely indeed)
Her: Thank you. What seats would you like
Me: Door seats on the aile
Her: Not available
Me: Just do your best and give me what you think is the best (she looked experienced)
Her: well, do you have a choice?
Me: Tail section is better. Its safer, right?… Wait a minute. Will I be flying Boeing or Airbus?
Her: All flights are Boeing.
Me: Goody… I’ll take the center seats on the wing. Less movement there.
Her: hmmmm… ok. Let me see what I can do. (takes her time to issue me tickets)
Me: Just out of curiosity, how much did my check in bags weigh
Her: one was 50 Lbs, another was 49 and the 3rd was 47.5
Me: Wow! I am proud of myself
Her: (Smiles at my self praise)

Result of this interaction was… I had no one sitting next to me in both my legs of flight. The 1st leg to Frankfurt had me sitting in the center of the plane on the wing. The 2nd leg had me sitting as near to the exit door as possible. She knew I would be in a hurry to get off the plane as I was so close to home 🙂 Smart! Experience helps!

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