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Renault Formula1 cheating and FIA debacle…!

In a sport that is known for its speed, it is heart-breaking that the allegations of race-fixing that were raised in 2008 took 1 year to be taken seriously! What is more appalling is – the news of Renault’s race fixing has hardly seen any coverage on the official Formula1.com website! This spells clear bias by the FIA in going  in the favour of money against upholding fairness of the sport!

Going by the way things have progressed in the scandal, I would not be surprised if Renault is fined, but is allowed to compete in the sport even after the team principal Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds were found guilty of pre-arranging a crash in the Singapore GP of 2008. These two ‘gentlemen’ instructed the 2nd driver Nelson Piquet to crash his car just after their 1st car driven by Fernando Alonso had pitted. This was no spur of the moment decision, but it was part of their race strategy! Utterly shameful tactics that brought disgrace to Formula1 in particular and to sports in general! Even before the race went underway, the 2nd driver knew exactly when and where to crash his car – at a part of the circuit where, Renault knew, there wont be a crane to whisk away a crashed car quickly thus ensuring that the safety car is deployed for a long period. This will force every one else to pit while the safety car is deployed thus throwing their race strategy for a toss and Renault taking the trophy for 1st place! Flavio and Pat’s goal was simple – if the car lacks pace, lets cheat! Cold blooded, calculated, timed, pre-determined CHEATING! The only problem was…. they were caught!

Whats more sad? The issue came to light only after their 2nd driver was recently sacked. Nelson Piquet, son of a 3 times F1 world champion was recently replaced by Romain Grosjean after Piquet showed ‘lack of performance’ – is that another term in Renault’s dictionary for not agreeing to another crash?

Piquet Sr. now states that he had brought the incident to the FIA’s notice at the 2008 Singapore GP, but the FIA didn’t take his allegations seriously… Going by the chronology of events, the FIA probably wanted to brush the incident under the carpet, but the Piquets would have decided to go to the press. Is the FIA so lured by the cash generated in F1 that they didnt look into an allegation of cheating by a team? Where’s the Sporting spirit in Formula 1 racing if the governing body can only look after money instead of ensuring fair racing?

Were the FIA so threatened by the consequences (Renault being barred from F1) that they choose to retain 2 cars on the grid and abet cheating instead of being fair to the rest of the teams who were racing fairly and were spending large sums of money to compete in the sport? Did the FIA forget the basic marketing principal – that a good product will sell itself, but a rotten participant will only result in disappointed fans!!!! And disgrace, not to mention lack of faith in the regulatory authority!!

Flavio says – he did it to save the team… but then again, doesn’t every crook cheat for someone/something?

I say Renault should be banned from competing in F1 for a decade! Flavio and Pat should be banned for life! They should not even be allowed to watch a Formula 1 race on their television sets in their homes, let alone be allowed near a race track! These despicable creatures have brought such a disgrace to Formula 1 racing, they should not be allowed to watch donkey racing!

  1. September 23, 2009 at 08:47

    disgusting it was. I AM PISSED OFF.

  2. Vee
    September 21, 2009 at 21:19

    Why just ban the watch, they should not even utter the word F1 or Race or anything remotely related to F1. Simple. Matter over. Khallas.

  3. September 21, 2009 at 15:39

    I think this is outrageous! How can someone get away with race-fixing…
    I think we shall cease sayin true sportsman spirit! And I second you on Renault should be sacked for a decade!

  4. September 21, 2009 at 15:21

    Well all through life I have seen this “more to the story” part a lot. Where there is good, bad is there too. Match fixing, race fixing all that is not new but yeah it really hurts when you see your favorite stars succumbing to such lowness!

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