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The A-Team movie review

Movies like the A-team don’t require elaborate reviews. One glimpse at the trailer is enough to tell you what the move is going to be about… 
When you want something done, you contact the A-team, coz they are the best and they specialize in the ridiculous. That just about sums up the 4 guys who are part of the A TEAM. Some excerpts from the movie…. Shooting aircraft drones from a tank thats falling from 30,000 feet. Then trying to ‘fly’ (or navigate, if you will) the tank so it lands in a lake. If you like this kind of stuff, then The A-team is just right for you. If you dont like just the action, there is also plenty of jokes and a good storyline in the movie. I liked it. Enjoyable fare this movie is. 2.5/5 That being said, the final action scene was not that great at all…. Could have been better. Still a good fun one time watch.
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