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SMS thru email in India

Andhra Pradesh AirTel: <phonenumber>@airtelap.com
Andhra Pradesh Idea Cellular: <phonenumber>@ideacellular.net
Andhra Pradesh Hutch: <phonenumber>@south.hutch.co.in
Chennai Skycell/Airtel: <phonenumber>@airtelchennai.com
Chennai RPG Cellular: <phonenumber>@rpgmail.net
Chennai Hutch: <phonenumber>@south.hutch.co.in
Delhi Airtel: : <phonenumber>@airtelmail.com
Delhi Hutch: : <phonenumber>@delhi.hutch.co.in
Gujarat Airtel: <phonenumber>@airtelmail.com
Gujarat Idea Cellular: <phonenumber>@ideacellular.net
Gujarat Celforce/Fascel: <phonenumber>@celforce.com
Goa Airtel: : <phonenumber>@airtelmail.com
Goa BPL Mobile: <phonenumber>@bplmobile.com
Goa Idea Cellular: <phonenumber>@ideacellular.net
Haryana Airtel: <phonenumber>@airtelmail.com
Haryana Escotel: <phonenumber>@escotelmobile.com
Himachal Pradesh Airtel: <phonenumber>@airtelmail.com
Karnataka Hutch: <phonenumber>@south.hutch.co.in
Karnataka Airtel: <phonenumber>@airtelkk.com
Kerala Airtel: : <phonenumber>@airtelkerala.com
Kerala Escotel: <phonenumber>@escotelmobile.com
Kerala BPL Mobile: <phonenumber>@bplmobile.com
Kolkata Airtel: <phonenumber> @airtelkol.com
Madhya Pradesh Airtel: <phonenumber>@airtelmail.com
Maharashtra Airtel: <phonenumber>@airtelmail.com
Maharashtra BPL Mobile: <phonenumber>@bplmobile.com
Maharashtra Idea Cellular: <phonenumber>@ideacellular.net
Mumbai Airtel: <phonenumber>@airtelmail.com
Mumbai BPL Mobile: <phonenumber>@bplmobile.com
Punjab Airtel: : <phonenumber>@airtelmail.com
Pondicherry BPL Mobile: <phonenumber> @bplmobile.com
Tamil Nadu Airtel: <phonenumber>@airtelmail.com
Tamil Nadu BPL Mobile: <phonenumber>@bplmobile.com
Tamil Nadu Aircel: <phonenumber>@airsms.com
UP (West) Escotel: <phonenumber>@escotelmobile.com
  1. Ava
    June 16, 2010 at 07:43

    Useful parantu my area is not here 😦

    • June 16, 2010 at 09:20

      And that area would be…..

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