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SMS thru email in India

June 15, 2010 2 comments
Andhra Pradesh AirTel: <phonenumber>
Andhra Pradesh Idea Cellular: <phonenumber>
Andhra Pradesh Hutch: <phonenumber>
Chennai Skycell/Airtel: <phonenumber>
Chennai RPG Cellular: <phonenumber>
Chennai Hutch: <phonenumber>
Delhi Airtel: : <phonenumber>
Delhi Hutch: : <phonenumber>
Gujarat Airtel: <phonenumber>
Gujarat Idea Cellular: <phonenumber>
Gujarat Celforce/Fascel: <phonenumber>
Goa Airtel: : <phonenumber>
Goa BPL Mobile: <phonenumber>
Goa Idea Cellular: <phonenumber>
Haryana Airtel: <phonenumber>
Haryana Escotel: <phonenumber>
Himachal Pradesh Airtel: <phonenumber>
Karnataka Hutch: <phonenumber>
Karnataka Airtel: <phonenumber>
Kerala Airtel: : <phonenumber>
Kerala Escotel: <phonenumber>
Kerala BPL Mobile: <phonenumber>
Kolkata Airtel: <phonenumber>
Madhya Pradesh Airtel: <phonenumber>
Maharashtra Airtel: <phonenumber>
Maharashtra BPL Mobile: <phonenumber>
Maharashtra Idea Cellular: <phonenumber>
Mumbai Airtel: <phonenumber>
Mumbai BPL Mobile: <phonenumber>
Punjab Airtel: : <phonenumber>
Pondicherry BPL Mobile: <phonenumber>
Tamil Nadu Airtel: <phonenumber>
Tamil Nadu BPL Mobile: <phonenumber>
Tamil Nadu Aircel: <phonenumber>
UP (West) Escotel: <phonenumber>

SMS through E-Mail: Cingular, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Virgin Mobile

June 15, 2010 2 comments

I had been searching for this info for some time, it can be very handy if you want to send email to mobile devices.

Here are email addresses to send text messages or SMSes via email for the top 6 carriers in US.

Sprint: <phonenumber>

Verizon: <phonenumber>

T-Mobile: <phonenumber>

Virgin Mobile: <phonenumber>

Cingular: <phonenumber>

Nextel: <phonenumber>