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Black or White?

July 8, 2010 4 comments

A fellow blogger wrote an angry post on skin colour and the prejudices that come from it….. This is in reply to a comment on that post that was rather longish I decided to make it a post.

Well, I know you may be talking from a personal experience, the anger was present in the post…. the ‘white skin’ obsession is not completely gone yet… about 3-4 years ago, fair & lovely ads came under fire for same reasons, and yet today they are being shown once again… Does it help to know the prejudice is present abroad as well?

Just last weekend, a dark skinned “south Indian”*** guy was making fun of a black guy in US. The black dude brought some chicken to grill on the beach and was offering it to passers by… so this southie guy comments, “Is he selling the chicken?” and the others start snickering…. Ironic thing was… half of the guys poking fun of the black dude were as dark as he was!And because he was black, they assumed he was poor and he would do something cheap…

Today I saw the same black dude driving a BMW 725i, while the south indian guy was last seen riding a bicycle… you decide who is rich and who is poor.. both monetarily and in spirit… I read about a study done where kids in school didnt care about being black or white, it was found the kids learned about racism @ home from their parents!

In my previous project, the only people to invite me to their homes and into their personal lives were Black! The whites were polite, yet they only asked stuff so they can gossip about it behind my back …. forgetting that I have my own circle of friends who pass me the office grapevine as easily as they can get it. (PS: Not all white people are prejudiced and there are always 2 sides to a coin and 2 sides to any story. This post is not intended to demean anyone or to put any race down or to glorify a particular race – it is based on my personal observation over a period of time from personal experience in a foreign land.)

When it comes to breaking prejudices, Michael Jackson is my hero! The dude was black and to show that skin color doesnot make or break great talent, he changed his skin to white. Not only that, he even went thru numerous plastic surgeries to make himself look like a woman, thus transcending not only race, but also gender… He got a lot of falk for it, but his music was loved no matter what his skin colour was or what he looked like.

If one reads the book Freakonomics, there are so many examples of personal prejudices and how they play a part in everyday life. These prejudices not only stem from races, but also from names and they way people dress. I wonder if this prejudices will ever change soon enough.